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Clearing the Land (March 3 Garden Project)

October 28, 2009

I spent Sunday watching Marc and Ellen work, and feeling somewhat guilty about that, but I was there to shoot.  There was a pavestone path through the yard that needed to be removed, the raised beds are coming out, and the garage needed straightening and sweeping.  Soon the whole rear deck will come down also.


crushing oyster shells

Undeterred by any of it, the chickens happily scratched around in the mud underfoot, scoring lots of juicy morsels!  They were happy to nibble various green leaves, but couldn’t be coaxed into the golden raspberries or carrots Ellen offered them.  Ellen is shown crushing oyster shells which she scored from The Publican, of course!  Apparently they need chunks in their gullet and it’s good for their egg shells if they ingest oyster shells.

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