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Turning the Earth (March 3 Garden Project)

November 22, 2009


They say journalists are not supposed to get too close to their subjects.  Thing is, I’m not a journalist.  Good, because today, while Ellen was under the weather and Marc and Laurel were out of town, I got very close to the soil and the March 3 Garden Project.  I’m supposed to be documenting them, but there was the yard and the beautiful fall day and the rototiller Ellen had borrowed from Paul.  The soil was calling out to me, so I put the camera down and ran the rototiller all day.  The yard is now a garden and the chickens are very happy.  Me, I’m sore all over…but also very happy.

I couldn’t really photo-document myself working, so I did a portrait of the rototiller and the fresh-turned earth.

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  1. Marc permalink
    November 22, 2009 5:51 pm

    Awesome, Grant. Do you have any other pics from the stairs going to the house?

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