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Rob Levitt And His Spoons

January 4, 2011

the "butter spoon"

For over ten years Rob Levitt has been toting the “butter spoon” from kitchen to kitchen.  It spoke to him at the American Bounty Restaurant at CIA when he was in school there, and he figures leaving with a spoon or two is the least his tuition could cover.  On his station at restaurants like Mado, Rob scooped butter with this spoon.  That’s it.  Butter.  One task only for this spoon.  Seems it will be in semi-retirement at Butcher & Larder given that he probably won’t be slinging butter there, but maybe it will be good for scooping lard instead.

huge bowl, very bent handle

The next spoon with the crazy bent handle is one his buddy Chris Turner hated.  The bend did not sit well with Chris and Rob liked it, so he relieved Chris of it.  Neither chef can tell you where Chris got it – it seems to have just appeared in the spoon collection.

Boston souvenir

When Rob opened a place in Boston he came across this spoon with the square, chopped-off tip.  It belonged to a cook there and they traded spoons.

the one that got away

When asked to pose with the spoon that is his favorite, that has the most meaning for him, Rob answers a little wistfully that it is gone.  He packed and left his last restaurant, Mado, quickly and lost track of his favorite spoon.

And that’s how the butter spoon moves into “most favored” status.

Now reader, which of these speaks to you?  If you could trade with Rob, which would you covet and why?  Hit the “comment” button below and weigh in!


(The Chefs And Their Spoons story started here: click.)

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  1. jkess07 permalink
    January 4, 2011 8:33 pm

    I like the one with squared off tip. Can’t get that at Crate & Barrel. I’d use it for… ummm.
    … for eating square wheat chex.

    • January 27, 2011 12:12 am

      Yes, the squared off spoon. My favorite in my rep as well. Saved my *** in many situations on the line and during prepping. The best!! You can buy your own at Northwestern Cutlery on Lake and Halsted in Chicago.


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