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Antiques Roadshow: Resources

I was fortunate enough to share the “stage” at FamilyFarmed Expo with three fantastic speakers and true knowledge banks on the topic of heirloom fruits and vegetables and heritage meats.  This page is a follow-up resource to that conference talk I moderated, full of links for further reading.  Here first, my panelists:

John Caveny of Caveny Farms – bio, website

Gene Mealhow of Tiny But Mighty Foods – bio, website

Dave Snyder of Chicago Rarities Orchard Project (CROP) – bio, website

These are further links that may interest you:

What’s A Red Wattle? – my own blog post about heritage pork

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds – organic, pure heirloom seeds

Seed Savers Exchange – works to save heirloom seeds and also sells seeds for the home gardner

High Mowing Seeds – source of heirloom and organic seeds

RAFT Alliance (Renewing America’s Food Traditions) – a collaborative effort to preserve our traditional foods

Place-Based Foods at Risk in the Great Lakes – fantastic pdf article about species native to our region and farmers working to save them

Resources from RAFT – lots of great articles about heritage and heirloom foods, including apples and bison

Global Crop Diversity Trust

Cary Fowler of the Global Crop Diversity Trust – fantastic Ted Talk about crop diversity

Organic Seed Alliance

As American As Apple Pie – article about heirloom apples

Chefs Collaborative – chef organization that has great downloadable publications about heritage meats and heirloom vegetables

American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC) – defining, preserving and protecting heritage animals

Eatwild – heritage meats are very likely also pasture-based; read here about the health benefits of pastured, grass-fed meat and eggs

Good Meat – this book by Deborah Krasner is a great resource for anyone learning to cook with heritage/pastured meats

Brining – personally, I find cooking poultry or pork definitely benefits from brining beforehand; I usually follow Ruhlman’s advice, shown here

Butcher & Larder – custom-cut butcher shop that sources local, pastured (and some heritage) meats

Black Earth Meats – great source of  local, heritage meats

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