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Pop Up Photo Studio at Logan Square Kitchen

I am a commercial food photographer who thinks small local food businesses need beautiful, compelling photographs to best promote their product.  I am teaming up with Logan Square Kitchen, a commercial kitchen and small foods incubator to bring you Chicago’s first ever Pop Up Photo Studio!  On January 25, 2011 I’ll unpack my traveling photo studio at LSK and go to work for you. If you are a small local food artisan, local food store, farm or even blogger and wish you could get just a couple professional photos of your product at a reasonable price, this is your chance.  Chefs and caterers can even take advantage of the full kitchen on site to prep and plate things.  Here are the details:

What’s A Pop Up Photo Studio:

  • Professional, studio quality photography of your product for you to use on websites, blogs, Facebook, advertisements etc.
  • You will receive both a high resolution and a low resolution version within a few days.  You have unlimited rights to use of the photos.
  • 45 minute time slots; first photo: $125,  each additional photo: $25
  • We’ll likely get 1-4 photos done for you in that time, depending on complexity.  Some items are more time-consuming to photograph than others.  Send me a description of your products or a snapshot and I can estimate ahead of time how many we may be able to get done.

What To Bring:

  • Table-top sized items only please.
  • Single items or small groupings recommended.
  • Be sure to bring duplicates of your product/ingredients.
  • I’ll have a basic white backdrop set up; if there’s something else you’d like, bring it along.  I encourage you to think about simple fabrics, Paper Source papers and placemats for backgrounds.
  • Dishware is not provided, so please bring your own.
  • I will also set up a simple backdrop for head shots, so if you need a portrait done, that is also available.
  • If your project seems outside these parameters, please call or email me ahead of time.

Registration and Payment:

  • Payment must be made by cash or check the day of the shoot.  If you want to pay with a credit card, set up a free Venmo account and be sure I receive payment prior to January 25th.
  • “This is just what I need, Grant, how do I sign up?”  Just click here and fill out this form; advance registration REQUIRED:



(wonder when and where it’ll pop up next?!)


Update:  As I think about doing this again, I need to know how to improve it.  I NEED YOUR FEEDBACK.  Was it too expensive?  Is a weekday a problem?  Wrong time of year?  Time slots too short?  Is photography just not a priority for you?  It can be different next time, but I need to know what did not appeal to you about it.

So, please click below to step into the virtual third place and offer your thoughts.  And if you hate surveys, email me and I’ll meet you at the Hopleaf!  If the local food community, of which you are a part, wants an occasional Pop Up Photo Studio, help me make it sustainable!

Very short, easy survey:  Virtual Third Place Pop Up Survey!

(for my full assessment of the day, read here:   The Third Place)


To see more of my work:


phone: 773.878.9838

Logan Square Kitchen

2333 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago

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